Design intent is affected by more than just how a sketch is dimensioned. The choice of features and modeling methodology are also important. In this article I want to give one example of advance tool of “Extrude” command that’s quite simple and user-friendly for designers to execute. We at Solidworks Authorized Training Center Baroda (SATC Baroda) exercise many techniques to develop your dream product without any lengthy and complex approach, one of them is Boss extrude: Thin feature.

Feature > Extruded Boss / Base – Thin Feature

Thin feature is use to extrude with wall thickness as per sketch. If you use this feature correctly, this option can quite save your some time. Thin feature normally activates in open sketches as default, but we can also use it for close sketch. The thin feature option gives extrusion to the sketch with defined thickness, i.e. an extrusion of a square Box as seen below.

The thin feature allows you to give thickness in one direction, mid plane and also in two directions with respect to the sketch. In one direction you can give thickness to one side of the sketch with given value. From the mid plane you can create it with equally divided thickness in both sides of the sketch. And two direction option allows you to create thickness in both sides of the sketch with different thickness values.



You can see here, our extruded model’s ends are open. If we require closing the end and creating a hollow component, we have an option of “end cap” in thin feature option. But make sure the sketch is close.
Note that, in case of open sketch, Solidworks automatically activates thin feature. At here, you have an option of “Auto-fillet corners” to round the sharp corners with some radius value.



Solidworks have this type of many different and powerful tools for 3D geometry and models.
Once you get initial 3D part ready using Features in software, you can develop your assembly of your parts using many Mates and Other Options given in Solidworks. It all starts with commands like Extrude and hence it is the most important and basic Feature of CAD Modeling.
During my sessions at SATC Baroda I faced many queries from students especially if they had an exposure of different software other than Solidworks. So I decided to cover this feature as a part of a blog, so that many designers can get aware with such tips.
Author: Shivang Dave